Wednesday, November 20, 2013

more for men to make you smile

A total collection for males to dress your self in many different ways. Green jacket and grey pants are from Coepio as well as the white shirt with  the tie. All groupgifts. The blue coat is from Platypus for The Frosen Hunt. From the same hunt is the whitejacket with brown sweater. Tjip enjoys his stay at "It all starts with a smile", the beautiful sim from Kaelyn Alecto. Drove his mini, worked hard on the computer, walked around a bit in the home and smoked a cigaret outside on the balcony.
The blue coat has the option with the shirt and without. The white shirt comes also with a white tie.

Green jacket with sweater: Coepio - [coepio] Mr.Autumn [Green Edition] (free)
Grey pants: Coepio -[coepio] Mr.One [Grey] ( free)
Blue coat: Platypus - Platypus Frozen Winter Coat ( free)
White shirt with tie: Coepio - [coepio] Mr.Handsome [White] ( free)
White jacket with brown shirt: Cero -TFH #057 - CERO STYLE ( free)
From inventory: Boots and booties - Gabriel; Hair - Dura and Truth. Smoke poses _HISposes.
Pictures made at: It all starts with a smile

Bye bye Nic;

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