Monday, November 18, 2013

meet my puppie

I love dogs and cats. So i am happy to present you this new cute puppie. Isn't he adorable? We went right away into the snow and enjoyed it both.
Nic in her warm coat from LOoLOo. From The frozen Hunt.( 1nov - 30nov 2013) You need find a snowstar. Search near the lucky boards.
Later at home something bad happened. My cute puppy broke the large pocket watch. That happens when you have young pets. But Nic's mood stayed ok because she found new boots from Pixel Mode in her post box. Thanks so much Tya.These leather boots are GORGEOUS. Nice and warm, super made and good to sit and drink tea in the snow outside. These were created for the Shoetopia event starting Nov 15. The Teal color is a 100% donation for Sole4Souls charity. The boots are rigged and include 10 sizes per color.
At Nonino ( the shop from the lamp on the last picture) you can find more groupgifts. Very good.

Coat: LOoLOo - TFH #123 - LOoLOo's Costumes & Platypus Menswear ( free)
Pumps : KOKOIA - {KOKOIA} :: Exclusive Shoes :: BERLIN :: LOVE THE LIFE(free)
Necklace: Dark Mouse at Fab Free HQ - Dark Mouse Vintage Pearls for Fab Free ( free)
Puppy: Manticore - [Manticore] Puppy v3
Clock: [PM]Pixel Mode - [PM]Pixel Mode - Somewhere in Time Broken Pocketwatch Clock *
Boots: [PM]Pixel Mode at Shoetopia  - [PM]Pixel Mode - Tabi Boots - Sand
Lamp on last picture:  Nonino - * nonino * Japanese Room Light set ( free)]
From inventory: Hair - Chemistry; Jeans - MoiMoi; Bag - ISON

Bye bye, Nic

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