Monday, November 11, 2013

Kawaii mini hunt part 2

From the Kawaii Mini Hunt is this super sexy kirabi. First i thought i go combine it with may be a legging or stockings or so, but then i thought no the best way to show it is  as sexy as it is.
I found a nice beachhouse for my pictures. The clear bag with eggs and toast i found at IS Design. The hot chocolate  and the strawberry cream puff are from the Kawaii Mini Hunt from Poche.
After breakfast Nic dressed herself in something lesser sexy. The black dress below is from pulcino , a Kawaii mini Hunt gift.

Sexy dress: r2 Fashion - [Kawaii Mini Hunt] r2 fashion ( free)
Bag: IS Design - yudetamago bag ( free)
Strawberry cream puff and chocolate: - Poche -[Kawaii Mini Hunt]poche ( free)
Dark dress: pulcino - [Kawaii Mini Hunt] *pulcino* ( free)
Pictures made at: Banksy Island 

Bye bye, Nic

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