Saturday, November 2, 2013


Yesterday  Nic went to the RP sim Venexia. The sim is worthwhile to look around. You need wear a explorer tag. Near the landingspoint available. Nic first walked around and then tp-ed into a home somewhere. She met two very friendly persons in a well-decorated room. After a bit talking one of them wanted show me his roleplay character. And there he was that beautiful man. Today i went back to the sim and searched the house, because i wanted take pictures from Nic in her "sleep over" outfit in the same room. I discovered it was the owner of the house that i met the day before. It was the vampire leader, LeonNavarre and his servant. Thanks Leon for your hospitality and sorry i broke into your house again for the more nude pictures.

Nic wears a gift from Yasum. The sexy sleep over set. Also a very nice knitted beanie is included and socks. I used the naughty top for a casual daytime look with green and purple colors.

Sleep-over outfit: Yasum - Yasum*Sleep Over* FULL OUTFIT ( free)
Jewlery: MG at Energy club - MG - Necklace - Heart Key Pendant - Gold ( free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Stiletto love-green feathers
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}}It bag - purple
From inventory: chronokit - pants; top -Jane.
Pictures made at: Venexia

You  can meet beautiful avatars there. For example see the one below. I don't meet such characters at my butcher in rl. That is a pity.

Bye bye, Nic

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