Thursday, November 21, 2013

let's misbehave in another way

Mmmmm..misbehaving this way! Delicious is all on the tray that Nic carries with her to the swing. I think she expects friends. The sweets are from The Kawaii Mini hunt. The hunt ends soon 24th of november. So this post is a reminder to go and get those presents now. Showed many items of this hunt on my blog.Nic wears the leather black dress from Underdogs for the dirty Turkey Hunt. Over the dress she wears a corset. Part of the groupgift from Alb Dream Fashion. There is group join fee.The vintage boots are from a realy nice groupgift at Fashion Krush.The gift contains a winter coat, jeans and these boots.

Boots: Fashion Krush - F.K Freebie Colder Weather for FW ( free)
Corset: ALB  - ALB LEELA corset dress & prim jewellry CAMILLE by Analee Balut ( free/ but group join fee)
Leather dress: Dress: UnderDogs  - TDTH #75 UnderDogs (free)
Sweets: M*M - [Kawaii Mini Hunt] [M*M] sweets party set ( free)
Pictures taken at: Son Maritim and Holiday Village
Here is the wintercoat

Bye bye, Nic

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