Friday, November 1, 2013

in the club

Tjip in the club. His dark clothes from Yasum make him a very sexy visitor. His dark skin is also from that shop. Comes with many possibilities. Tjip shows some beard options and breast hair. Beards are cool again now guys, because of the Boston red socks victory yesterday. Many players wear beards.... trendsetters. The hair is also from Yasum. You can find the hair in the mainstore. The other gifts are in the shops around the freebie square in the gifttown. And watch the cool boots with socks.

Outfit: Yasum - Yasum*Dressed to Kill*Male version ( free)
Boots: Yasum -Yasum*Tracking Boots*Male ( free)
Skin: Yasum - Ramya*Tarl*FULL PACK ( free)
Hair: Yasum - Yasum*OMIKO*SHORT CUT PACK* ( free)
Pictures made at Energy club

Bye bye, Nic

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