Thursday, November 7, 2013

Petit Panda Chinois

Nic in the snow again. Now with her Petit Panda Chinois. A present from the beautiful man at Venexia. The vampire mentor. Nic wears a stiped blazer from DeJaVuu. Join the Fashion Hunters Group and you can find it in the info and notices. The blazer and the pants are in the gift.
I visited the sim jacob. It is one of the 5 end of time sims. I love the bag lamps. They are from [hate this]. Necklace and bracelet are from the gift at Kosh, a clearance gift.

Blazer and pants: DeJaVuu in info notices from group - [ DeJaaVu ] Asha Gift - Fashion Hunters Group ( free)
Panda:  Linux - Petit Panda ( free)
Jewelry: Kosh - KOSH- CLEARANCE FREEBIES BOX ( free)
Pictures made at: Jacob 

Bye bye, Nic

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