Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kawaii mini hunt

Some days ago i tried to find the sweet presents from this Kawaii mini hunt, but didn't succeed. I tried again today and i am glad with what i found. On the first three pictures is the long sleeves sweater and the beret from the hunt. On the next pictures the dresses. And there is more nice stuff that i want get and show. The hunt runs from 1st - 24th november 2013. Find the pink flower.

Sweater: RibboN -[Kawaii Mini Hunt] *RibboN*( free)
Beret: Yellow Brick Road - [Kawaii Mini Hunt] **YBR Yellow Brick Road Beret autumn ( free)
Dress: ROA - ''{ RoA }'' -LULU "cozy" Dress (KMH2013) ( free)
Poses: ROA - !.[N9] -Yuna Pose ( 11 Pose ) (99ld)
Dress: Son Maritime - [Kawaii Mini Hunt] Son Maritime 1/3 knitted hood dress ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD
Pictures made at : Tokimeki

Bye bye, Nic

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