Tuesday, November 19, 2013

an evening hunting .. a morning trying on all the clothes

You see some beautiful findings from yesterday evening. Some are from The Frosen Hunt ( search a snow star) and something is from The Pilgrim Hunt. Search a hat ( 1 nov - 30 nov 2013) and some pieces from a groupgift. And because i love my new boots from Pixel Mode so much most is combined with those gorgeous boots. Below you can see we went outside. Nic in a sort of ski suit. Hint: The snow star is  outside on the left side from the door. And soon will be gone because it is so hot there. You get this onepiece jumpsuit ( suit and boots) with a lace bra. Behind me on the last pictures you see a snow roof. I builded it with parts of the snowroof that you can get for free at Maple Valley.I did unlink and used the parts (i am always in need of prims for my small homeplace). I like my cosy harbour in this winterstyle. Dogs always walk where you want walk as you can see on the last picture.

Sweater on the first pictures: Vero Modero - part of VERO MODERO /  Female Group Gift ( free)
Light blue sweater: Perch - TFH #120 - Perch ( free)
Black sweater: Vero Modero - PH #09 - Vero Modero ( 1ld)
Gown: Vero Modero:  - TFH #054 - Vero Modero ( free)
Ski suit: [Luxuriant] - [ l u x ] Frozen Bodysuit.
Snow roof: Dreamland Designs -DD Winter Cottage Roof Snow ( free)
Boots: [PM]Pixel Mode at Shoetopia  - [PM]Pixel Mode - Tabi Boots

Bye bye, Nic

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