Tuesday, September 10, 2013

turntable or ghettoblaster

Nic is standing in a vintage room. Shall she use her turntable to relax on the cushions or will she go outside with backpack and ghettoblaster?
Some stuff from The Arcade again. Nic shows: hair from Clawtooth, necklace with frog  from MG and a backpack from pesca.
The dresses are from a hunt at Room of Amo, the first anniversary hunt. You need find 6 tiny items ( see on the picture) and then you get 6 lace dresses and tight mini dresses.
Nic shows you the salmonpink and the blue one. You need pay 77ld to join the group..
The ghettoblaster Dancer found yesterday. I was thrilled when i got it. It is super made and resizable and unisex. Most of the time 200ld ! Dancer told me the shop always makes good items to wear.

Dress: Room of Amo - ''{ RoA }'' -1st Anniversary GG Hunt ( free/ but 77ld groupjoin)
Backpack: pesca at The Arcade - :pesca: canvas and leather backpack/rabbit 3
Hair: Clawtooth at The Arcade - Clawtooth: Heck on Wheels prize 9
Ghettoblaster: AoD - AoD Giftbox TheBoom bag black/blue ( free)
Necklace with frog: MG at The Arcade - - - MG- Necklace Jazz Hands frog orange
From inventory: Sandals - Gabriel ( free)

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