Sunday, September 15, 2013

marlboro and a horse

Is this a Marlboro advertisement? You should say so when you see tjip.  Like real men he smokes his cigarette near his horse. Then the horse needs water.
Although this groupgift from Fatewear is may be already well-know on the blogs, i wanted it here because the sweater with cap is so fantastic. It has a hud for many color options for the hoodie and the shirt.
Below you see tjip tired from working in the barn. He wears the option with hoodie up and another color of the jacket. I got at sf design upstairs in the mens part of the shop free hair for under caps. Very useful.
Jacket with shirt: FATEwear -**FATEwear Jacket - Leon ( free)
Shorts: FATEwear -  **FATEwear Gift - Carter ( old gift)
Buckets: DD's - DD's Buckets (rope handle)
Hair for under caps: SF Design - sf design free hair to wear with hats ( free)
Smoke poses: Hisposes - HISsmokes Phatpac
Kneeled sit pose:  Magic Nook - [MAGIC NOOK] Natural (Modeling Pose) (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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