Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The surrounding has an beautiful oriental sphere, but Nic is just casual. The knitted woolen dress is from The Autumn Effect Hunt from Dolle. The shoulder sweater i got today at the lucky board from C'est la Vie. The pumps are from MoiMoi as well as the skinny pants.  Told about it yesterday.

Dress: Dollle - {dollle*} TAE 2.0 Hunt #15 : Autumn Knit Dress ( free)
Skinny pants: MoiMoi - MoiMoi Female Skinny Jeans Fatpack(1ld)(
Pumps: MoiMoi - MoiMoi Spike Egg High Heel V1 Fatpack (1ld)
Shoulder sweater: ::K:: - ::K:: Shoulder Knit  (free)
Pictures taken at: The Renaissance Galleria

Bye bye, Nic

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