Friday, September 20, 2013

you are kidding

Elephants behind me on the beach? You are kidding. Such sorts of beaches don't have elephants in rl. I am just here for my photoshoot. Nic wears another gift from The American Bazaar Hunt. The jacket with the t-shirt with necklace print. I love it.
I show you so much from that hunt today because tomorrow is the last day. Scroll the posts from today to see more from that hunt.The sheer top ( below) has a menu for several textures.

Jacket with t-shirt: MoDANNA for AB 3th Anniversary - ABPO3 - MoDANNA ( free)
Top: D-Style for AB 3th Anniversary - ABPO3 - Delirium Style ( free)
Dress: Sassy! for AM 3th Anniversary - Popart dress ABPO3 - Sassy! ( free)
From inventory: Pants - Overhigh; Shoes - Beetle Bones; Earrings - WTG
Pictures made at: Wintermoon and American Bazaar

Bye bye, Nic

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