Monday, September 2, 2013

no shyness anymore .... i go rock tonight

Bye bye piano and violin... i have practised enough. I am going to be a rock star tonight.
Nic shows you a suede dress, groupgift at Overhigh. A super dress without jacket and pants . But i liked this for my little rockstar. The skin is from The Rock Attitude Hunt from Poudre. Two free poudre skins these days ..marvelous. Tomorrow may be another post with another Poudre skin, because there is a first anniversary groupgift out now.

Dress: Overhigh - Overhigh - Group Gift Dress ( free)
Skin: Poudre - -POUDRE- [Julia] - *RAH3* - ( free)
Pictures made at: Drobak Village and Rockstore Café at Gauguin

Bye bye, Nic

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