Friday, September 20, 2013

sometimes life goes too fast

The first item from the American Bazaar 3th Anniversary hunt for women i show you. The silver grey dress from American Bazaar. Look high at the entrance on the board. There is the cupcake with this dress. A male hoodie is also included. In the male post ( the other post from today) i showed already nice shoes from Razor from that hunt. The hunt runs till 21th september so i am a little late. That hunt is incredible. I counted 26 presents from all well-known shops for females as well as males. And may be i overlooked some of the gifts.  Take your change and go hunting there. It is not too late yet.
Nic also shows new shoes from BSD. I waited till i got a black and white dress to go with it to show them here. The shoes were released at the SL Fashion week. And it is a pity  for you i am too late with showing. They are changing the collection.

Dress: American Bazaar - ABPO3 - AMERICAN BAZAAR (free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Supermodel shoe collector-raw paint ( NEW)
Bye bye, Nic

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