Saturday, September 28, 2013

with his beer and chips

Although you already could see these clothes on some blogs, i wanted them on this blog, to show my followers all good quality free clothes for males in the way i like it. And i hope you like it too.
This sweater from American Bazaar is realy perfect. Thick, nice colors, nice pattern and good for outdoor leisure time in autumn. It is from the Falling into Autumn hunt. Search the leave in the curtains.
The shoes...oh those shoes..when i was young this sort of shoes where a hit. I weared them in  black  and with black clothes and felt very sophisticated like people, who introduced existentialism. Those shoes had in Holland a nickname. The nickname was "bordeelsluipers" which means, that it were shoes for men who frequented the red light district. They could walk very softly on these shoes. The quality of the shoes are very good. The leaf is on the side of a red bench.
Tjip uses a jeans from his inventory.
The hair is again from the subscribe-o-matic gift from KMADD. I recolored the hair. It is darker and has some streaks now.

Sweater: American Bazaar - [AB] @ Falling Into Automn Hunt ( free)
Shoes: Shoenique Designs - **SD** Mens Desert Rat  Boots BSM (free)
Hair: KMADD - KMADD VIP Gift ~ Logan  Welcome to KMADD!( free)
From inventory: Jeans - Rispetto Designs
Pictures taken at: Drobak Village 

Bye bye, Nic

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