Friday, September 20, 2013

deep pink

This beautiful dress is from Apple May Design for the American Bazaar Hunt. I combined it for outside with a gorgeous scarf. Look  at those details. Perfect! The scarf has a color menu hud with many colors. You also can buy this scarf for males. And oh i have such big troubles with my inventory. Much is gone when i use my Phoenix Firestorm viewer. I have to use my linden viewer. Wear what i miss and then go back to my Phoenix Firestorm and then it is back in my inventory when i use the Firestorm viewer. So much to do and i need have so much patience. Terrible.. So the accessories such as the bag and bangles i could wear after all those troubles. But i want dress my Nic well.
Below Nic shows you the scarf with another texture. The sheer top is so delicate. I was immediately in love with this top the moment i saw it. You can buy it on marketplace. First join in at marketplace, because this is an adult item. Otherwise you can't find the page. The belt is part of the top. In the packet is also underwear in white, blue or pink lace. Because when you wear the top it is may be too sexy.

Dress: Apple May Designs for AB 3th Anniversary - ABPO3 - Apple May Designs ( free)
Scarf: ISPACHI for The Boutique - ISPACHI Mesh [Heuston Scarf] Female
Top: Starfashion - Starfashion Mesh top  Daring White sheer
From inventory: hair - Dura (Boys&Girls 44)
Pictures made at: Winter Moon 
Bye bye, Nic

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