Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autumn retreat

What a marvelous gifts can we all get in sl when we do hunts. See this here.... a total autumn retreat. The lanterns are not included. The retreat is so cute with the autumn leaves floorcover, the pumpkins the cushions and books and sweet animations. Now i want autumn to come.
You get this at the Enmeshed into Fall hunt. Nic is still in clothes from another post, but never mind this post is not about clothes now but about this retreat.
I can tell you also that i got cemetery gates. A super present. It includes fences, fence corners and colums. I didn't want to change my homeplace in a cemetery. But i can highly recommend to go at Surge to get it.

Autumn retreat: S&S - [S&S] autumn retreat Got it # 33 EIFH( free)
Cemetery: Surge - (Surge) Cemetery Gates Got it #30 ( free)

Well ok is the gate and a fence at my home place.. just for the picture. Super present isn't it?

Bye bye, Nic

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