Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the look of the month september

Soraya and Nic are totally in love with this sweater from Overhigh. Overhigh has a style that we both like very very much. We can go bankrupt buying all the clothes there. Soraya shows the pulli with her leather skirt from Fanatik.
Nic shows it with a new pants from the new round of The Attic. The september edition has the theme: Flowers in My Attic.
Soraya found the boots. A promo on marketplace for just 1 ld. The boots come with a hud with many colors.

Sweater: Overhigh  - Overhigh - Lady Sweater - red and green
Boots: K-Room - Overhigh - Paint Vanessa Boots ( 1ld)
Pants: 1bp - ::1bp:: Flowers Jeans Cream
From inventory: bag - Ricielli; Hair Nic - Truth; hairSoraya - Analaog Dog; Skirt Soraya - Fanatik; flats Nic - Magi Take shop

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