Monday, September 2, 2013

zombies and crows

OMG no.. is this my bloody hand? I am in shock.
It is the beginning of september and  a long time to go to scary times and misty days, but as you can see Nic already had a scary day with zombies and crows.
Nic shows you the skin from Poudre for the Moolto hunt. You need be in the Moolto group and wear the funny Moolto glasses to pick up the Moolto Hunt prim. The hunt runs 9/1- 9/30.
The dress and the mouthnecklace with the tiny guitar are from The Rock Attitude Hunt. There is also a guitar mouthpiece included.
Nic wears hair with the tails with a cap from Vogue. I bought the hair in the summer but it was too warm in rl and summertime in sl with lots of bikini's and swimwear to show, that i couldn't show it then. The black studded jacket is from Beetlebones. This jacket you can wear over mesh dresses  and that is what we need sometimes.
Below is a picture from Nic at her home place. I found the tree with the crows at The Elegant Goth Gothic furniture. Be aware that, when you buy this tree for your land, that this one eats your prims. I had to rearrange my place so that i could use the tree. But i love it. Two poses are in the tree: ( attacked and go away). Lovely to see.

I think those boys want steal my necklace!
Dress: CandyMetal - 15 *RAH3* ~CandyMetal~ Lady Rocker mini dress ( free)
Mouth necklace: Atypical - 17 *RAH3* (-Atypical mouthies-) ( free)
Skin: Poudre - -POUDRE- [Kira] - M - Moolto Sisters Hunt ( free)
Tree: The Elegant Goth - When crows attack ( not free)
Hair with cap: VoguE - *VoguE* Beanie Braid Hair ~ Set B
Jacket: Beetle Bones -  ::BB:: Studded Biker Jacket (BLACK)
From inventory: Pants - Redgrave; Boots - J's; Necklace - Grasp
Pictures made at: The Elegant Goth and Dead Pool Dark Experience Fantasies III and my home location.
Bye bye, Nic

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