Saturday, March 10, 2012

please Nic join me on the picture

Soraya goes down on her knee hehe to beg Nic to join her on pictures. Nic in protest says: " but i already posted this clothings, Soraya".." but we combine so well in these colours, Nic!" Soraya replies. " i want make them for remembrance Nic"' Well ok then Nic sighs. She was at that moment busy making posts for the blog and after much trouble with teleporting..grrrr.... she finally arrived in the studio. Hehe Soraya's is laughing ... and then also Nic is laughing...we made the pictures and had fun..and Soraya sighs: "I could look for hours to us " haha. And isn't she right? Aren't we pretty ladies?
Because i already posted the outfit from Nic here. Lesser work to do with searching for all the lm's and describing all. So it was a good idea after all. Grins. Lazy me!

Soraya wears her new jacket from R.icielli. She combined it with an skirt from her inventory. Shown before here. See for description and landmark there. I am jealous about her bag. It isn't there anymore in The Dressing Room( her favo shop). It was from Fishy Strawberry. I was too late for buying. They changed the collection already. Her updo hair is from D!va as i well remeber. I don't know where she did buy her sunglasses and the huge creolian earrings. She is not in sl now. May be she will write it in a comment later. I will ask her.
The boots are from PurpleMoon.

Boots: PurpleMoon Creations - :: PM :: Mara Boots in Taupe ( fifty5 thursday offer- 55ld with a necklace)
Jacket: R.icielli - R.icielli - PARIS coat/maroon (just 50ld)
Hair Soraya: D!va- "" D!va"" Hair Ruri

Thanks, sweet Soraya, gute freundin, ich weiss du magst es sehr auf diesem Blog zu sein und ich empfinde es als eine grosse Freude. Danke fuer deine Hilfe und Ideen, Sind wir Tussies hier Soraya? Nic


Sorraya said...

loool hahaha i was so much lauging.
it was so funny yesterday try to make a pic on the wall.
ich lache noch jetzt :-)und ja wir sind kleine süße tussis aber nur manchmal wenn wir unsere phasen haben wir sonnenbrille phase .)
thanks a lot for being on this blog with you.i like so much.
many kisses and greetings

Sorraya said...

thanks you for the beautiful pictures nic .i love it

see you soon in the new shop i found ,
is realy not easy to wait .-))

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