Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks green

Today it is St. Patricks day. The Irish national day. According to some Irish writings, St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 A.D. The anniversary of his death is celebrated as St. Patrick's Day. It's interesting to note that the shamrock clover flowers around that time of year. Saint Patrick had an adventurous life. He was captured by pirates at the age of 16. The Irish pirates brought him to Ireland to tend the flocks of a chieftain in Ulster. Six years of slavery made him a devoted Christian. He brought Christianity to Ireland and taught there for 29 years. He used the shamrock, a 3 leaf clover, (Ireland's national flower) to explain the Blessed Trinity. One of the most popular legends was how he charmed all the snakes of Ireland down to the seashore to be drowned by the water.

On the grid we see in this time many green clothings. Today i will show some St. Patrick green styled outfits. Tomorrow for the Luna Jubilee color challenge blog it will be St. Patricks blue. Never heard of it .. but it exists.
In the fabulous free group i read in chat about the clover necklace from marketplace. Also earrings and a mouth piece are included. The green clover boots are a Subscribe-o-matic gift from Gfield.
The flowery dress is groupgift from u.f.o. You can find it in the cupboard near the lucky boards. The white dress is a groupgift from ASO. Join the group and go to info and notices it is the last present there.

Boots: GField - *GF* GroupGift :: Gina Boots -clover-(MESH)( free)
White dress: ASO! - ASO!SpringFlower(GG) and ASO!SpringBlouse (GG)2Type ( free)
Flower dress: u.f.o - ::{u.f.o}::vivaldi spring (free)
Jewelry: Ganked - $GaNKeD$ Lucky Clover Set Freebie BOXED ( free)
From inventory : Nails Mother Goose groupgift, posted before. Black necklace (on first and last picture, hanging on the back) is a groupgift from The Death. Pants - Aoharu.

Have a nice St. Patricks day, Nic

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