Friday, March 30, 2012

a quick post

A quick post to show you the long sweater that i found. It is from a little shop near Sassy from Violet Mafia. There is a wall with freebies from different designers. This one i like. It comes with the necklace and belt. The legging is from inventory. For shoes see the other post of today.

Long shirt+jewelry: Unique Clothing - Unique Clothing-Isabell-Samon

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

3 great wonderful styles nic.
ich habe mein outfit für sonntag nur halb fertig .
jetzt geh ich rl und habe keine ruhe weil ich nicht 100% zufrieden bin .du kennst das oder:-)
na gut dann den ganze tag überlegen..hehe
habe keine zeit für rl .-wirklich ,,,lol
have a grea day ..many greetings to you dear nic

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