Monday, March 12, 2012

modern hobo's

Nic relaxing on the swing in her new clothings from Chronokit. She has a plan.
"Can't we go for a camp today?"All packed for take off!!! ... and the guitar for a hobo feeling ( Nic can't play you know). Arrived on a good but foggy camping spot..little bit too early in the year may be. Relaxing ..but brrrr.. so cold... all is wet and foggy. "hmmm that low trouser of him is so sexy" Nic thinks. " Come in the bus tjip. It is far too cold here. I want go for a drive" Come on tjip, jump in the bus i want go to a warm place .. a hotel may be" ... modern hobo's. Back home. Nic is relaxing, making pots. Nice pot isn't it?

On some pictures you see other colour combinations of the outfit that i showed you yesterday. So for landmark scroll. The red top is from The Fresh Unknown Hunt at Coldlogic. Search a flower. Tjip wears a mesh jeans from NotsoBad. When you do wear to unpack, you get these cute pile of boxes. He also wears his Gabriel denim shirt ( 1ld). The bag from Nic is a groupgift from Tee*Fy. The cute flats from Nic are a dollarbie.

Jeans Nic: Chronokit - *chronokit* Fabre Pants leaf
Belt: Chronokit - *chronokit* belt - red
Top: Coldlogic - coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift ( free)
Bag Nic: Tee*Fy - Tee*fy my ugly scary cat bag Group gift ( free)
Jeans tjip: NotsoBad - not so bad . mesh . VINCE jeans
Flats Nic: Wirefly - Pricess flattie
Pottery making set: The wrigglesworth's Residence - (W) Rosalind's Pottery Wheel ( just 100ld)
Pose last picture: Croire - [croire] buzzkill ( 15ld)
From inventory: necklace- NCparis ( see post below); Brown Hair - Exile carolyn; Blond hair - CatwA; Tjips hair- W&Y; Tattoo - Devol ( shop gone);

Bye bye and warm kisses, Nic

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Sorraya said...

oh real gret outfits nic and tijp

ist very casual ....

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