Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks blue

The colour for this week for the 52 weeks of color challege from Luna Jubilee is St. Patricks blue.
My first thought was: "hmmm blue? I thought it is green, what we see everywhere in second life, because of St. Patricks day". But yes it also can be blue, i learned.
A dark sort of blue. I searched in my inventory and found this outfit from some time ago. And happily you still can get all in the shops.
A great part of this outfit i found because, i was a big fan from Emacha Yokosuka's blog. A Japanese woman, who combined good combinations and made good pictures everyday. It is a pity she stopped blogging. This outfit is a sort of tribute to her.
I combined it with the new mesh bootes from Ronsem.

Boots: Ronsem - RONSEM* [MESH] Wedge Sol Bootee / red ( new!)
Cardigan: Decoy - [Decoy] Izzie Cardigan - Ruby
Pants: Sey - :sey Soft Jeans[A]
Top: Artillerie - /artilleri/ Sailorette top *blue*
Cap: Free Style - F*S Ahoy Sailor Hat with and without hair ( i changed it a bit) ( free)
Necklace: Kotolier - *Kotolier FREE! anker ketting ( free)

And then Nic arrived

This super hot spot is from my neighbour . I mentioned him before in my avocado post. If you want rent such a home teleport here to the office. His houses are so cool. And i love harbours. Nic changed her first outfit in another blue cosy outfit.
"Hm can't you sit a little bit more elegant for the picture Nic, you lazy girl"? "Is this better?"

Wanted to show you the new mesh sweater , a groupgift from Tokid. Joining that group costs 150ld, but the groupgifts a like very much). Hm it is not the St. Patricks blue that Luna shows us. But there are more St. Patricks blues i saw in google. May be my old boots are ok. The shawl is from AddiCt.

Shawl: AddiCt - -[AddiCt]-MINNU Scarf/Bobble blue
Sweater: Toki Doki - (TokiD) Maya's first mesh (group gift)
From Inventory: Jeans Calypso Giano; Boots - Clematis; hair- Exile Carolyn; Nails- Mother Goose in group info/notices.

Have a nice day, Nic


Arya Braveheart said...

Looks like a perfect day to me! Lovely!

Rudhmellowen said...

AHOY MATEY!!! You look fab, and a trip on a boat sounds great, just hope you dont get seasick like me!!!

Unknown said...

Great pics! What a nice day!

Sama Yalin said...

I love the pictures of you on the boat! You look perfect:)

Bourbon Zenovka said...

You're sailor's outfit is so CUTE! But that mesh sweater is killer. Love it:)

Lashae Karsin said...

Very cute photos!

Sam Laszlo said...

Verry cool pictures i love that boat, have a couple from the creator, great job :)

Laila Laperriere said...

Love your sailor blue attire, it fits with the color them. Sweet pictures, almost as sweet as you are dearest Nic =)


Jasmine Ballinger said...

I took forever to take one photo and you did more than one look -- and they're wonderful.

Unknown said...

I love your looks, makes me want summer here now. That second outfit looks so comfy and cozy and both are simply adorable!

Asia said...

Great pics and post :)

Eliza said...

I love how you went with the marine colors...completely lovely.

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