Sunday, March 4, 2012

cute little Nicci

Yes it is me. I always wanted to make a kids post. Found a free animation overrider for kids yesterday and then it happened. I tried the ao and then searched my kids shape, kids clothings and accessories.
I love children..i like their fantasy world. They live their fantasy as if it is real. When they want to be a doll they ARE a doll. When they hear saying:" it is raining cats and dogs" IS raining cats and dogs. They wish an interesting dad or friend ..they GET it. Like little Nicci she met a very friendly interesting person from Korea. He permitted to take pictures for the blog. He felt like a father to Nicci. He loved the cute little girl, it seems to her. Thanks 흡혈귀 (sol.luv). Was nice meeting you in the night.

Because i started with some stuff from my inventory, i couldn't find it all back in sl, because shops are gone. Sorry. Couldn't find back the shop of the cute Hello Kitty dress with the socks and the hair.
But some interesting things are still here and i found another nice outfit for you and nice hair. First about the yoyo!!!!!!!!! ( last picture) Thanks to accessorie lover Arielle Soulstar. She found it back for me. The yoyo has many possibilities..with typing start or always yoyo-ing. Many new yoyo's too in the shop. Watch the blog of Arielle. She likes to do her blog on her own way, like me.. just for the fun of making it. I like that.
And about the umbrella. Yesterday i was in a cute shop and by accident clicked on this one and did buy it.....oeps.. but all came together and it was a good one for this blog. Have a look overthere in the shop for more cute things. The name of the shop is: "Weather! or not?".
The chucks are free at Magi Take shop ( old shop with many free things upstairs)
The doll key, that makes Nicci think she is a doll is from from Needful Things (long time ago i got it for free.. now normal prize)

Outfit from rozenNSC (the girl on the donut on the last picture): Chiba Sekai - Set Dark Lila (with chucks free)
Hair from rozenNCS: A&A - A&A Mei Hair Blackberry ( also with cute pigtails and recolourable ribbons) not free
Animation overrider: Soken Kids - [S.K.] Soken Kid Ao ( 1ld)
Doll Key: Needful Things - ::NT:: <3 EMO DOLL KEY kinder dollsleutel
Chucks: Magi Take - magi take chucker sneaker [ orange ]( free groupgift)
Umbrella: Weather! or not? - Cats_n_Dogsbrella v2
Yoyo: Yoyo9 - * yoyo9 * neon yoyo .v2 ( 81 ld)
Shape: Chiba Sekai - Shape Mily or Lili ( lucky board free)
Bag: Nonko Romankan - NONKO furoshiki hokkaburi
RozenNZ wears a shape from Cartoon Kids and her skin is from Baby Princess
If you want a free kids shape, ask me i can give you one. Also i have a nice walking around animation that fits for kids, that i can give you.

Bye bye, sweet kisses, Nicci

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Laila Laperriere said...

I love children to. I love to watch them play, they have no inhibitions. Very cute post, Nicci is a sweet lil girl =)

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