Friday, March 2, 2012

healthy avocado mask

Juicy stuff! How can we use the healthy avocado on our skin and hair? It’s easier than you think. I love using food on my face.

  1. Buy an avocado (preferably organic, stay away from the pesticide infused stuff)
  2. Slice it lengthwise, gently pull apart, and scoop out the flesh inside.
  3. Mash in a bowl until you have a creamy consistency.
  4. Apply the avocado to a cleansed face (I also like to use scrub prior to doing a mask) and all through your scalp and hair. Longer hair may require another avocado.
  5. Leave on for 15 minutes. It will start to feel a bit itchy, that’s normal!
  6. Get in the shower and rinse. It might take two shampoos to get all the green stuff out of your hair.
  7. Come out of the shower with glowing skin and hair softer than a baby’s bottom.

What exactly does avocado do to the skin and hair? Here you go:

  • Imparts nourishing oils, but does not make the hair or skin “oily”
  • Adds shine
  • Repairs pollution and sun damage
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Penetrates skin with powerful moisture
  • Boosts collagen (wrinkle fighter!) and cell growth
  • Nic enjoys her stay in one of the houses of her sl neighbour Brevet Benoir. He was so kind to give me rights to rezz objects and have access to make pictures. I used his location some time ago for making pictures of a beauty day. If you want rent such a home teleport here to the office.

    And again a beauty day as you can see. Nic is pampering herself with an avocado mask. And she gets cool eyes with the cucumbers. Brushing her teeths while taking a shower to be fast. Ready to relax in the sun near the pool. With the rest of the fruit and a cool drink.

    Nic wears her new avocado coloured cardigan. From a lucky board of Milk*Motion. And although the underwear is not avocado coloured, i just wanted to show it because it is so cute and new. It is from stumblebum at paper.doll


    Cardigan: M*Motion - M*Motion C12-02 Knit Cardigan LB Bain de Soleil ( free)
    Skirt: M*Motion - M*Motion C11-19 Towel cloth Tops (50ld)
    Mask: Ten Penny - Ten Penny- Pamper Yourself and eat Nommies! (20ld)
    Pose: SozialAngst - SSH #033 [sozialANGtz] bathing beaties (search the surfboard-free)
    Lingerie: paper.doll - -paper.doll- Daphne: Buttercup
    From Inventory: Hair - elikatera; Bare feet- Coco
    Post made for 52 weeks of color challenge blog from Luna Jubilee

    Enjoy your mask and thanks Brevet, Nic
    P.s. oooh i posted this colourpost too early. :)
    P.s. searching for more avocado coloured stuff go to Jane
    Ps. Lucky board same cardigan in pink stripe here and in teak stripe here


    Tane Daxter said...

    hahaha Great pictures, very well done! I love the avacado mask!

    Rudhmellowen said...

    LOL good idea Nic... Though it makes me itchy just thinking about it LOL I cant keep stuff like that on my face for longer than a minute hehe

    Alexandra said...

    ha ha , avocado seems to inspire the best in us. Interesting ideas for our lives in both First and Second Life.

    Unknown said...

    Great post!

    Laila Laperriere said...

    YAYY! You took the color and RAN with it! I love what you did, great post Nic!! xoxoox

    Lashae Karsin said...

    So cute and creative!

    Jasmine Ballinger said...

    A laugh at your pictures and some wisdom from your advice -- great week!

    Fledge said...

    That's really funny, a great post, looks very relaxing! A word of advice to Nic though - if you don't lie in the sun so much, you won't need the avocado ;)

    Sama Yalin said...

    You look cute with your avocado mask :) Really creative post!

    Asia said...

    as always a cute and creative blog post. I need to go do a face mask now lol :)

    Bourbon Zenovka said...

    Great sequence of pictures, telling your story. That's interesting, about using the avocado like that. Although the avocado is classified as a fruit, I could never really think of it that way; it is too oily to be a fruit :P But I guess that's what makes it so good for the skin and hair. Great post:)

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