Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have a look at this!!!!!!! Chronokit shop of the day!!!!

So happy i am with this new set from Chronokit. Kit Pizzicato is such a super designer/ artist in mesh. look at the details..that is why i made a picture from bottom to top, so you can see the structure of the pants. So many colours and possibilities in the shop. Go have a look there!!! I highly recommend it.
I wear the new pants, sweater, tanktop and belt from him.
The moustache necklace and ring is from NC paris a dollarbie for womens day. The nails from Mother Goose a groupgift. See the post from saturday for lm's.

Pants: Chronokit - *chronokit* Fabre Pants
Belt: Chronokit - *chronokit* Belt 01
TankTop: Chronokit - *chronokit* TankTop
Sweater: Chronokit - *chronokit* Long T Shirts
Barefoot- Coco ( groupgift free))

Have fun when you buy this, i enjoy it so much, Nic

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