Friday, February 3, 2012

with friends to Japan

And here we are. The four friends on a trip to Japan. Luis welcome on the blog. Soraya and tjip we already saw before here. Pictures making was hard. But the pc's worked and no-one was totally grey. But some parts are somehow little bit vague. I hope you don't mind.
Soraya wears a jacket from Aoharu with here sexy outfit: leather skirt and turtleneck top. Tights from G-Field. Cool!!!. Nic wears her beloved motorjacket from Chronokit.. Now she shows the jacket in camel. Skirt from kyoot. My best skirt in brown. Combine it with everything. The striped legging is from Fishy Strawberry. The necklace is from "Cherries on Top Hunt"at PurpleMoon. Search cherries. Boots are shown before often. The gloves of the girls are dollarbies at Hermony.

The boys shopped at the Menstuff Lounge. The outfit from Luis is a complete outfit with boots included from Criquet. For men super. One folder and you are dressed complete and nice.
Tjip wears the lion shirt from Blacklace, pants from Peer Style. Shoes and shirt free from Gabriel. Oh and last but not least the cute hair with cap from Colors.
Soraya nearly fell in love with tjip ;) because of his cute cap.

Luis wears:
Outfit with boots: Criquets - C~ "Todd" Full Outfit ( free)

Tjip wears:
Hair: Color - [COLORS] FREE_AB ( free)
Jeans: Peer Style - MENstuff Lounge Gift PEER Style ( free)
Shirt: Gabriel - ::GB::DenimShirt White ( fre)
Boots: Gabriel - ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black ( free)
Sweater: Alphamale - Alphamale menswear - Lion Tee

Soraya wears:
Top: Nemesis - Club top cedar
Skirt: Nemesis - Queen skirt
Tights: GField - *GF* Rose Lace Tights ( dark colours
Boots: Kookie - *Kookie* Muggy Fatpack SOM gift( free)
Hair under the cap: Shop Seu - *SHOP SEU* --Pompadour hair
Hair : Analog Dog - Tavern - black
Jacket: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT-MilitaryCoat_Khaki

Nic wears:
Necklace: PurpleMoon: :: PM :: Cherry #4 Margot ( free)
Gloves: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Red Pack (1 ld)
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights
From inventroy and shown before: Motor jacket- Chronokit; Skirt -Kyoot; Boots - maitreya; Hair - Analog Dog
Group pose: Tatum Diesel - LOVEmeBRUTAL ( 1 ld)

Till next time and thanks Soraya, Nic

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Sorraya said...

loool here we are ..haha
ut was very funny today i was laugh very much
thanks for welcome luis -he like to come back to blöog with his good frend tjip

and yes tjip was very sexy today :-)))
have a nice weekend dear nic and dont work so much <:.)))

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