Monday, March 26, 2012

the bus is late and the rails are broken

Nic wants to go home. She found so much nice stuff. But the rails are broken and the bus is late.
What did she find? A cute black jacket with a black flower on the chest. The long trousers are from the same group [echo] so both free. Unbelievable!!
The extreme ankle boots are from Moolto Sister hunt. You need to be in the group (see my profile) and wear special glasses. Then click the hunt item ( 1 prim moolto sister hunt symbol). The boots were in the black bag. The grey bag with the wallstreet journal is free at the [Born Rebel] shop. The rainbow globe necklace is a gift too. The shirt under my jacket is from womenstuff group a gift from American Bazaar.

Grey bag: [BORN.REBEL] - [BORN.REBEL] - Wall Street Mesh Bag (free)
Black bag: Opium - Opium hunt package ( free)
Heels: Opium- Opium Extreme AnkleBoots Female(free)
Shirt: American Bazaar - part of dress WOMENstuff Group Gift from AMERICAN BAZAAR (free)
Necklace: YBR - **YBR Rainbow Globe Necklace ( free)
Pants: [Echo] -[Echo] Coda Dress Pant. Tan ( free)
Jacket: [Echo] - [Echo] Impromptu Jacket. Black (free)

Have fun with all those nice presents, Nic


Sorraya said...

were are you going traveling with this big bags lol
ahhh.. i know .you go to c&a shop ..

but please take care ..dont buy much and spent too much money :))

Nicandra Laval said...

haha Soraya !!!

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