Saturday, March 24, 2012

it is all about green tea

Nic with a cup of green tea arrived at Amatsu Shima teahouse. They dressed her in a kimono for a Japanese tea ceremony. Look how beautiful her hair was done. The tea set with all the attributes, fascinated her. But she preferred to drink her tea on a quiet place on a little water basin.
Later on Nic walked around to show her tea green dotted dress, her cute jacket and the nice surroundings. On the first picture you can see the same jacket but with floral details. Under her jacket she wears her tea green shirt. The long wavy dress is from Zaara. It was from an ICON hunt. But it is available in the shop. But not free.
Back home Nic is again drinking tea? The cute leather box with cups is a gift in the BP* update group.

This post is made for Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of color challenge. The colour of this week is: Tea Green

Leather box: BP update group - BP* leatherbox/green mix (free)
Geisha hair: Sweetaholic - see this post
Green tea first picture: Senri Oh - Yunnomi green tea ( free)
Shirt under jacket: Oyakin - oyakin*longT(lightgreen)( just 30ld)
Grey skirt: C'est moi - Oh my grey skirt
Jacket: C'est moi - C'est Moi! my short jacket
Dress with dots: Silk Dreams Fashion - Silk Dreams Splash Minidress & Stilettos - Green
Long dress: Zaara - Zaara : Mrinali *pistachio*
From inventory: Kimono - Japanese Goods Shop GiornoBrando; ballet flats - Elikatira, Bangles -Zaara(5ld), legging - Oyakin

I can highly recommend this Japanese tea set to you. It is made by my old friend Kahiro Watanabe.
Tea Ceremony set: Yoko Domo - Chanoyu ( 2.0)

Enjoy your tea, Nic


Madison said...

Love this...I was tempted to do something similar...but I had too much fun on a tire swing lol!!! Great Post!!

Cari Teardrop said...

So creative! Great job!

Rudhmellowen said...

Such a gorgeous Geisha, you look stunning and perfect for Tea Green!

Anonymous said...

So many outfits! And you look great in all of them :)

inkie Loudwater said...

Love the story and the diffrent styles you used

Unknown said...

I Love it! You're so pretty

Ayako said...

I love the creative take on this week's color. Very lovely!

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning, I love all these looks but I think the last one is my favorite. You are beautiful, Nic!

Kaelyn Alecto said...

I am definately in the mood for some green tea now! <3

Jasmine Ballinger said...

Nic, I struggled with one outfit but you had so many lovely ones. Great week!

Bourbon Zenovka said...

Brilliant story. Nic, you're adorable :) And you look so pretty in all of your outfits ♥

~Jade~ said...

The Zaara dress is stunning on you, paired with the pants. Lovely combination!

Asia said...

Wow another great post :)

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