Tuesday, March 10, 2015

walk on by

If you see me walking down the street...and i start to cry....walk on by....

Yesterday tjip went after long time to Crickets and found the black jacket. The jacket comes without a shirt.  Under mesh jackets it is often difficult to wear a mesh shirt. I tried and tried but the best fit was with a non mesh shirt. Happily we have the box with old groupgifts from Ydea. The black shirt is from the outfit Mel in that box. Then i went for a mesh suit pants. Found this one in a gift from Gizza. problem was that the alfa in the gift was for the pants with jacket. So i used an alfa from another pants or jeans from Tjips inventory. The white loose tie tjip once won at the lucky chairs at Ydea.  But i found a good loose tie in a gift from American Bazaar at Marketplace for you. See the credits.
Nic wears a skirt with sweater from B!asta for the 100th round of Designer Circle. This one is not free but for an affordable prize. Nic's shoes are a gift at Designer Circle.

Tjip wears:
Jacket: Crickets  -Crickets Tyron Group Gift ( free/50ld group join)
Pants: Gizza - part of  GizzA - 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Men] (free)
Shirt: Ydea - Part of outfit Mel ( from old groupgift box) (free)
Grey Tie (not shown) : [AB] - part of [AB] Fredrik shirt &tie Grey (10ld)
From inventory: Booties- Gabriel(free); white tie- part of *Ydea* Men's Sweater red (old LB item/ but you can buy it in the shop)

Nic wears:
Skirt and Sweater: B!asta at TDC - [B!] :NATURE REBORN: Honey - Skirt & Sweater (NEW)
From inventory: see post before this one for landmarks: Bracelets and earrings- MG; Hair - Truth at Uber; Shoes- gift at designer Circle.
Pictures taken at: Pure Dreams (Vespertine)

Bye bye, Nic

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