Friday, March 6, 2015

but why are you going away such a long time...

"Yes ofcourse i know you need your free time to get new energy..  i will be missing you
I will relax here and also have a good time" .Nic nagging on the phone? ... no she realy wishes him  a good time.. for sure. Dream time then for her (see below).

Nic shows you a new release from KlubWerk. Kiana Jarman is a hard working designer and she makes cool stuff. The leather pants  and the long sweater on the pictures are from her, from KlubWerK. On the bronze pants  Nic shows you a blouse from B!asta. I love the summer feeling of this blouse. You can get the blouse in many colors.  Nic also wears a coat on the bronze leather pants. The coat is from a promotion fatpack from Ricielli at marketplace. The anchor necklace is a dollarbie at marketplace

Leather pants: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her  -LeatherPant/EMPIRE- Silver and bornze (NEW)
Long sweater: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her -LongShirt/Amy- GoodVibes (NEW)
Blouse: B!asta - [B!] :VIRTUOSITY: Mauve - Blouse (NEW)
Coat: Ricielli - R.icielli - SELENE Mesh Coat / FatPack (25ld)
Necklace: OASIS - .O A S I S. Anchor Necklace/Unisex/Resizer {GROUP GIFT}(1ld)
Boots: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Billionaire baby- silver black / beige
From inventory: Hair - little bones; hammock - Pixel Mode
Pictures made at: Sarawak
Bye bye, Nic

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