Thursday, March 12, 2015

before leaving

Just before leaving for a nice trip in rl  i made these pictures. Back on sunday. I will miss you all.
Tjip shows a leather jacket from the lucky chair at Ydea. The other lucky chair has  a nice vintage sweater with shirt. But it wasn't tjip's lucky day. But this jacket is also ok. Both in blue or is it gold? Nic wears the "what color do you see"dress from ADN. In rl there was much to do about the color of such sort of dress. Some people saw a gold/white dress and others saw a black/blue one ....very strange. It depends on the working of the eye and our brain.
You get this dress with 3 sorts of colors.  Nic wears loose hair from D!va from the sale. And tjip also wears loose hair with a tail. Tjips tie is from ::K::

Tjip wears:
Leather jacket with shirt : Ydea - *Ydea* Leather Jacket Shadow  no glasses bleu (free)
Hair: [INK] Hair - [INK] Hair___MOAT ::Coal
From inventory: Boots - Gentry; Pants- Gizza(free); tie- ::K::
Nic wears:
Dress: ADN - [ADN] What Color Do You see ? (Wear to Unpack )(99ld)
Shoes: Warwick - [L.Warwick] Miranda -High Platform Wedge- Coppertop (free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Rosa" (Brown diamond) (sale)
Pictures made at: Heart Song 

Bye bye,Nic

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