Monday, March 2, 2015

here is your bunny and more (Easter Hunt at Brii)

Do you like this sweet bunny? The one on the last large picture. It is one of the gifts from the Easter Hunt at Brii's Underground Wear and RD Style. (hunt runs from 1 March - 05 April!) I love this cute onesie. You get it with the pink chucks. Nic uses the onesie for bedtime fun.
I was in easter color mood, so i added the canary cardigan from ::K:: to the denim dress from KlubWerk. More textures in the shop. Have a look overthere. The colorful scarf is from Monso.
On the second picture a gift from RD Style from the Easter hunt. I can recommend you to do the hunt because of all the shoes in the gifts. I love the flats from Nic on the second picture for example.
The bag is from a furniture shop. But Nic dragged this one the whole day around with her, because it is such a beautiful one.

In the Brii Underground Shop is a board can see pictures from what you can get at this hunt
Yellow cardigan: ::K:: at Fameshed- ::K:: Spring Cardigan Homme/Femme Canary
Denim dress: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her - Jeans/ Brina - UsedDenim
Boot: GB - ::GB:: Group gift denim boots (free)
Bag: ~BAZAR~ - ~BAZAR~Traveler-Bag 1(35ld)
Scarf: [monso] -[monso] My Neck Warmer - Diamond
Dress and shoes: RD Style -EHBR Hunt #6 (RD Style) (1ld)
Boho Loops: ANE -  ANE Boho Loops
Onesie: Brii's Underground Wear - EHBR Hunt # 19 (**Brii Underground Wear**)(1ld)
From inventory: Ladder wall lamp - Kalopsia; hair - EMO-tions
Pictures made at: Bazar
Bye bye, Nic
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