Saturday, March 28, 2015

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

Heavy wind in rl at the moment.. is this spring?  For Nic the same:  the leaves are blown around her as you can see. The rabbit seeks protection near her. Good to wear a hair band in this weather. Nic wears new hair from Mina at the Shiny Shabby event. The pink jeans and the black jacket are from marketplace. Dancer sended me a list with marketplace tips. Thanks Dancer again! The green shoes and the clutch are gift at the Four Seasons Market.

Jacket: Sugar&Cyanide - Mute. Biker Jacket - Black (10ld)
Jeans: !Majestic! - !Majestic! Hick pants Valentine Gift ( 1ld)
Shoes: Odelitte at FSM - Odelitte Elvie Polka Sandal - Gift (free)
Clutch: Glam Dreams at FSM - Glam Dreams " Spring Roses " Clutch Shopping Bag ( GG ) ***(free)
Hair: Mina at Shiny Shabby - MINA - Jacky - Light brown ( 5 colors for band)(NEW)
From inventory: Glasses ieQED; Tattoo - Body Factory (free); Necklace - mandala; wristband - Hermony; armband - grasp
Pictures taken at: Rosewoods 
Bye bye, Nic

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