Wednesday, March 11, 2015

i scare myself, when i let my thoughts run

And when they're running, I keep thinking of.....
Yeah what is she thinking about? Being beautiful in her jumpsuits?
Jumpsuit time. Nic shows you a free one with a sort of knitted bra part. The other one is a new release from !gO!. The pink bag is also from !gO! There are more colors in the shop. One color is with discount. Nic also shows 2 different necklaces. The first one you can get free short time at marketplace from Pixel Box. The necklace can make music. And you can add your name on the small tag. The heart necklace ( with earrings) is from Hudson's, a groupgift. The beige heels are a gift at N-Core. These high heels fitted with my slink high feet. The groupgift shoes for medium feet didn't go with my slink feet. The pink/black shoes are from Livalle ( first was Warwick). In that shop you can pick -up 3 pairs of gift shoes for the SL Frees&Offers group. Very well-made shoes.
Nic's hair is a new groupgift from Soonsiki. You get all colors.

Jumpsuit  with knitted parts: SlackGirl - ::SG:: SlackGirl Group Gift MARCH (free)
Golden shoes: N-Core - N-core Gift "MULES" (Gold Edition) For Xtreme Feet ( free/ but group join 50ld)
Necklace: Pixel Box - PIXEL BOX design Angel Caller (free)
Hair: Soonsiki - *Soonsiki! Diamond MARCH GG (free)
Pink/ black jumpsuit: !gO! Jumpsuit - cherry (NEW)
Pink bag: !gO! - !gO! Big bag (NEW)
Necklace/ earrings: Hudson's - Platinum N Onyx Hearts Jewel Set*HUDSON's(free)
Pink/black shoes: Livalle - [L.Warwick] Aurora -Oxford Heels- Cherry ( 3 pairs of shoes free in that shop)
From inventory: open bag- Ys&Ys; fur -T.Whore
Pictures made at my home location

Bye bye, Nic

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