Friday, March 27, 2015

spring meadow ( Kiyomizu spring hunt)

Nic shows her Kiyomizu spring hunt items in the meadow. Good place to be in spring. Although the animals are huge and a bit frightening.
The hunt is from 14-03-2015 till 05-04-2015. I am a bit late,  but well you have enough time to go. search a cat. The outfit on the last picture you get with a black legging. I combined it with my spiked legging from Shey. Shoes are also from Shey on all pictures.

Purple skirt: M.I.X -  kiyomizu Hunt#1 M.I.X.*leather skirt(purple)(free)
outfit on second picture: **milky-way *- **milky-way *15-04 Sakura-Saku (Kiyomizu Hunt)(free)
Outfit  third picture: M*Motion - M*Motion C15-07 Spring Shirt [KYMZ](free)
From inventory: hair -D!va; Shoes - Shey; Legging- Shey; Sweater- Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic

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