Saturday, March 7, 2015

so lonely, so lonely, so lonely

Nic landed by accident in this environment with high trees. It reminded me of a course in working with imagination that i followed because of my work. Imagination therapy is based on the principle that development and behavior begin with the image that a client has of himself and of his problems.
In the course we learned to explore a psychological  theme with this technique. We had to think about a landscape that came up in our mind. Then we got the instruction to paint, what we saw in our mind. One of the followers of the course said he only saw in  his mind a totally empty field and on the field he saw very high bare tree trunks. It made a huge impression on me at that time, because the feeling in what he described and painted was very very lonely. I never forgot that description and when Nic landed here it immediately popped up in my brain.

Nic wears a warm long dress with leggings from Paisley Daisy, the new groupgift.
On the last picture the green top is from Addams a gift. Nic wears the tucked in top on her jeans from Addams. The top comes with a hud with more colors.

Dress: Paisley Daisy - Paisley Daisy - Paddy Green Designer Print Knit Dress (free)
Top: Addams - Addams // TankTop Tucked w/HUD // FREEBIE (free)
Scarf: Amiable - {amiable}Knit Muffler Welcome Gift (free)
Jeans: Addams - Addams // Worn Out Jeans
Shoes: BSD- {{BSD Design studio}}SUPERMODEL ME-GREEN (free/ but group join fee)
Pictures made: Panache

Bye bye, Nic

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