Sunday, March 1, 2015

i am your muse?

The painter inspects her. I think, Nic will become his muse.
Nic already wears high heels with paint. A gift from  Kokoia. His jeans is with paint. She came to his studio. She wears a dress with a design like on the paintings of Mondriaan. Mondriaan is a  famous Dutch painter. The dress is an anniversary gift at Fission. Three gifts you can grab in the shop: a gown booties and this coctail dress.
For Nic i choosed a necklace that  i got long ago from a friend. It has also has a figurative pattern.
Tjip wears a comfortable hoodie , the february groupgift from Ashbury. His sunglasses are from Sorgo. Group join is not free. Tjips hair is a new release at Dura.

Tjip wears:
Hoodie: Ashbury - Ashbury February Gift 2015 (free)
Jeans: !APHORISM! - !APHORISM! 'Pollock' Jeans Ltd Ed Group Gift for men (free)
Glasses: *  SORGO -   SORGO - MARCH2015 GroupGift (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Dura - *Dura-Boy*58(Black)-BLK (NEW)

Nic wears:
Dress: Fission - Fission-1st Anniversary Gift-Dress (free)
High Heels: Kokoia -Faaborg High ::paint :: {kokoia} (free)
Pictures made at: L2 Studio, Whispering Wind
Bye bye, Nic

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