Monday, November 10, 2014

winterfall (Dirty Turkey Hunt again)

They went to a beautiful sim. It is already cold there, I can recommend to look around there to peopel who like travelling  or for the ones who like to make pictures. Nic wears a dress from Leri Miles Design for the Room69. Room69 is a monthly event (open every month from 1st - 20th. Nic shows you two colors, but there are more colors available. The shoes are from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You get 3 colors. Tjip shows a jacket with shirt and tie  fromV-Spot. Good shop for male stuff. And he shows a hoodie from [QE]. All clothes are from the Dirty Turkey Hunt.
In the next post tjip shows you more from that beautifl sim. He was there in the night.

Jacket with shirt and tie: V-Spot - V-Spot // Dirty Playboy Jacket (free)
Hoodie: [QE] - [QE] TDTH For Him (free)
Dress Nic: LMD at the Room69  -LMD Samantha Dress Red and Teal
Shoes Nic: Latreia Footfashions - Monster laced zebr -  TDTH #99 Latreia Footfashions (free)
Pictures made at Winterfall

Bye bye, Nic

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