Saturday, November 15, 2014

press photography (Dirty Turkey hunt and True Fashion Times market)

Nic heard about a lost child. Innocent about what happens behind her, she is making fashion pictures for her blog. But the surroundings make her think something is wrong there. She went back the next day and yes .. she discovered the poor girl. She couldn't wait to make a picture for the daily news first and then rescue her. Fashion photography can be press photography at the same time.
Nic wears two blue jackets. The tartan jacket is from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. The blue leather jacket is a present at a True Fashion Times. Look around there because you can find so many presents!!. The glitter scarf with color change menu is also from that event. Many gatcha machines also. The poses with camera are from a gatcha machine at the event. The event runs till 22 th  november.
From the Dirty Turky Hunt are the shoes and sunglasses and the bag. The nails are from ZOZ from the funny puppet fair in may.  But when you want special nails. Look around at ZOZ. the dirty turkey hunt gift is a nail applier with pumpkins.

Blue leather jacket: Poison - >>>Poison<<< Whiplash blue jacket_mesh_male & female (free)
Tartan jacket: Modanna - MoDANNA [The Dirty Turkey Hunt #85] Tartan Jacket w/Leather (free)
Shoes/sunglasses and bag: StormCrow Designs - *Cold Turkey* TDTH #77 (free)
Poses and camera: Verocity -Verocity - Camera 3 and 1 ( gatcha)
Glitter scarf: Graffitiwear - Graffitiwear TFT Gift (free)
From inventory: hair - D!va; pants- chronokit
Pictures made at:Winterfall, L'Arc en Ciel

Bye bye, Nic

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