Wednesday, November 12, 2014

catch the last autumnal sunbeams (TDTH again and the Gobble Gobble Hunt)


Nic catches the last autumnal sunbeams. Mmmm. She wears many items from the Dirty Turkey hunt: a lovely brown dress from abrasive, an armband from heartistic, 2 cross necklaces from etham, toe and finger nails hud from Bella Elephante,  a hairband from LustRage and a choker with rose from Macabre. The clutch is from the Euphoria Couture from the Gobble Gobble Hunt. Search behind a desk for the hunt item. You get the clutch with a dress and heels. Nic shows you a dollar heel from Diva's shoes. The 1 dollar shoes are between the normal shoes ( sort of hunt/ find 4 shoes for 1ld). Wear the shoe without shoebase. When you see your shoes in the ground ( firestorm viewers) then do this
  • Right click yourself, select Appearance → Edit Shape.
  • In the Body tab, scroll down to Hover.
  • Adjust the value till your feet are touching the ground.(53)
  • Save changes by clicking the Save button.
Dress: abrasive -[ abrasive ] TDTH #51 [ abrasive ]Breeze Dress (free)
Hairband: LustRage - ::LustRage:: Hana Headband #52 (free)
Cross necklaces: etham - etham - Copper Cross - TDTH (free)
Nails: Bella Elephante - Bella Elephante - Autumn Bliss TDTH Giftie (free)
Armband: Heartistic - TDTH <3 Heartistic  Gift 10/30/14 (free)
Choker with rose: macabre -+MC+TDTH Collar Rose'S Tentation Red (free)
Clutch: Euphoria Couture - EC - Martha's Vineyard GGH (free)
Shoes: Diva's Shoes - Diva's Lyxia Studded High Heels Red(1ld)
From inventory: Hair - D!va ( see post before this one, Sunglasses - NS
Pictures made at: Beau

Bye bye, Nic

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