Monday, November 3, 2014

see how proud he is.. a man.. his car... his girlfriend

They went for a trip in his new car. Can't you see his proud way of looking?! Satisfied with all.. his girlfriend ..his new car. Yeah it feels good. They parked the car and went for a walk. Both wearing new clothes for this nice autumn day. I loveeee the dress from Nic. I new release at B!asta. The texture combination and the colors are realy good.  You also get the stockings. Tjip wears a groupgift from the store near  LavalRock ...Colors World Store.  I found for tjip a good jeans for just 10ld. Comes with a hud  for more colors. The shirt under the jacket is an old groupgift from Indi Designs ( they never changed the groupgift board. Nic wears earrings ( a tiny cloudwith water drop)

Car: Kobayashi Motors Inc. - R35 (free)
Jeans: Millo Copperfield - 100% mesh Millo Copperfield Male Skinny Jeans with Hud box (10ld)
Shirt: Indi Designs - Groupgift men ( free)
Jacket:  Colors World Store - .:COLORS WORLD STORE:.Ride Mens Jacket Group Gift (free)
Dress:B!asta - [ B! ] :IN THE WILD: Knit dresses & tights (NEW)
Earrings: mimpi - [Kawaii Mini Hunt]  mimpi*(free)
From inventory: Boots - ISON; Booties- Gabriel; Hair Nic - Dela ; Hair tjip - Exile; Nails - Love Soul (free/ see post before this one)
Pictures made at Daydreams

Bye bye, Nic

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