Friday, November 14, 2014

indian summer ( and Dirty Turkey Hunt again)

The field has warm colors. The last warm days of the autumn. Nic shows a linen dress. Very elegant from Karla Boutique. I was yesterday at a life concert from  Miky Andretti at Karla Boutique and enjoyed it. Talked with Karla and concluded that i long time didn't blog something from her shop. So here we go. The linen dress is a groupgift. But group join fee. You can grab more groupgifts.
The micro skirt and the leggings are in the gatcha machine. New is the autumn set. Nic shows from the autumn set the clutch the handbag and the sunglasses.

Then from the Dirty Turky hunt is the brown dress from Masoom  and the male blazer. Dancer teleported me yesterday to [QE]. Nic's  letter was in the lucky chairs. Nic got the grey short sweater.

And i have to tell you i got the cute puppy from the post before this one from a very friendly person that i met. Now the puppy is sleeping in front of my fireplace. Adorable. You see his belly go up and down because he breathes. So cute. Thanks so much Shakespeare

Pencil dress: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Belen Multi Outfit  mesh_(free/ but group join fee)
Leggings: Karla Boutique -!!! Karla Boutique !!! Leggings Etnic 3 and 2- (gatcha)
Micro skirt: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Art 9 Micro Skirt  (gatcha)
Bag/clutch and sunglasses : Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!!Autumn coordinates set (NEW)
Grey sweater: [QE] -[QE] Toasty Sweater- Smoke (free)
Brown dress: Masoom - [[ Masoom ]] Dirty Turkey hunt item (free)
Brown blazer: Fe Style - {Fe Style} TDTH 5.0 (free)
From inventory: Hair - D!va; nails - Bella elephante (free/ TDTH/ see posts before this one); cross necklaces - Etham (TDTH)
Pictures made at: Just another tequilla sunrise 

Bye bye, Nic

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