Monday, November 24, 2014

come play with me ( and TDTH )

Come play with me does the cat say. Or... may be Nic? A catsuit makes you sexy and as mysterious as a cat. Sometimes i see in sl women wearing a catsuit, But then they make a bitchy impression. That is not Nic's style. I think the way she wears this catsuit is sweet and lovely. It comes with a hud with many texture options.
I am also happy that i can show you the hipschain from whatever from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. I had no outfit  to combine with. Now i can show it to you.
Oooooh and the fiftylinden friday item is still there at Kalopsia. It is the cute christmas tree from cushions. You also get more cusions for on the ground. Run girls.. don't miss this when you love to decorate. There is also a red/green version.
The sleeping siamese cat under the christmas tree is from StoraxTree. It was a special at the True Fashion Event ( but the event is over.. sorry). For normal prize for naptime cats see marketplace or go here. I like to have the cats on a more modern rug, but that is a matter of taste.

Hipschain: whatever - [whatever] Hipschain TDTH (free)
Christmas tree: Kalopsia - Kalopsia - Pillows Collection (Winter) (FLF 50ld)
Catsuit: Shey - SHEY - Exuma Catsuit (NEW)
From inventory: Hair- Pr!tty, Cardigan - Tram

Pictures made at my home location ( all welcome)

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