Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a mesh kimomo from the Bargain Gatcha

I once got a super kimono from a very nice friend. It is a pity he is never in sl now. It was a kimono from sweetaholic ( co shop from Grasp) It was in the non mesh time. Now i got my first mesh kimono and i can say mesh is good for kimono's. See the cute panda detail. This kimono you can get at the Bargain Gatcha. Bargain Gatcha is now opened. They changed a bit the formula. It is more a gatcha shop now. Designers can rent a place with a gatcha machine for one month. So the ones you see there now are valid till end of december  Nic wears a japanese hair ornament, a gift from Oryouhan.
Nic's little panda friends on the ground are from Linus on marketplace.

Kimono: Gion Nightmare at Bargain Gatcha - RARE-Bloggers-Gion Nightmare Kimono Blue RARE-(gatcha)
Hair ornament: *Oryouhan* - *Oryouhan*Open-Gift (free)
Panda's: Linus - Petit panda box (1ld)
From inventory: Hair D!va; zouri( shoes) - sweetaholic( shop gone)
Pictures made at Baku Matsu

Bye bye, Nic

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