Sunday, November 9, 2014

wind of change...days of memories

November..wind... leaves..memories. Nic Shows you a dress from EccenttriciXi. It is a present for the SLF&O group at Fresh style. At Fresh Style you can find more gifts. Many shoes for example.So look around.
I love the combination with the new released shoes from BSD..NEW EXTRA_oridinary original high heels with openable heels with one touch, At mainshop now  90 % off, only 188l . So for an excentric look hurry up ladies.
OH->>>  yesterday was 128 ,today is 188 , tomorrow will be 288 , and next day willb 388 , then 488 then after 7 days, 1288
Hurry hurry ladies

Dress: EccentriciXi at Fresh Style.- Fresh Style gift for SLF&O from ~EccentriciXi~(free)
Shoes:BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Lucky days-slk  raw LIMITED time 90% off!
From inventory: Hair - EMO-tions; bag- MG
Pictures made at: Goober Town

Bye bye, Nic

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