Friday, November 21, 2014

count your blessings ( sale at DDL)

Nic is aware of the beauty around her. Even when you are in bad circumstances don't forget to look around and count your blessings. Even the smallest things can be worthwhile. Mostly we know it when we miss it. Try to see it now!
Nic wears a set from Marianela's. The red jacket and the legging with a red line. You also get red ballet flats ( not shown). Nic wears the set with her pencil skirt from Mimikri. I went to Topazia to get the new groupgift, the hat that you see on the pictures. In the shop i saw a board  with jewelry from a friends shop. I went there and discovered a for me a new shop L'Atelier Sad's Jewels. Nic wears a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and earrings. All groupgift from that shop. The shoes are again the promo from Shey. Nic shows you now the shoes with bows.
The bag and the sunglasses are from the SALE at DDL. All items are below 100ld when you take the stairs.
In the hud from the nails are more possibilities for other textures.

Outfit: Marianela's  - Marianela's complete outfit GIFT (free)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY Sharon Stilettos(wear) (Promo on marketplace sl)
Nails: Superbia - SuPerBia >Finger & Toe Nails Group Gift<Bag (free)
Bag: DDL -[DDL] Bad Day (Black) (Mesh bag)(SALE)
Sunglasses: DDL - [DDL] Anniversary (red) (SALE)
Ring: L'Atelier Sad's Jewels - Diamond Cage (Boxed) by sad* (free)
Earrings:L'Atelier Sad's Jewels - Droplet Earring (Boxed) by sad* (free)
Necklace: L'Atelier Sad's Jewels - GG necklace Sad's J by Sad*(free)
Bracelet: L'Atelier Sad's Jewels - Free July Unisex by L'Atelier (free)
From inventory: Hair - elikatira; skirt - Mimikri
Pictures made; Christmas and winter Holiday Village

Bye bye, Nic

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