Thursday, November 20, 2014

limited time

After hours of waiting. The sun is still there.The autumn warmth slowly fades away. They use this time to walk and talk. Nic wears a dress from Belle Epoque. A new release in the shop this green one is during two days 25ld. After that normal prize. There is also a nice clutch as groupgift and two lucky boards.  Nic wears the dress as tunic with her spiked legging from Shey.
Belle Epoque is a shop with vintage style clothes. For lovers of that style go there to get your flapper girl dresses. The shoes are the groupgift from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room at this moment. Tjip wears a set from Pekas. A high neck sweater  and the camo pants.

Dress Nic - Belle Epoque - BELLE EPOQUE - Mar Sequined Dress [GREEN](25ld)
Set Tjip: Pekas -  PeKaS Urban Ulrich Group Gift (free)
Shoes Nic: Essenz - Essenz Atlanta (black) (free)
from inventory: Hair Nic - elikatira; Shoes tjip- Gabriel (camo boots (free)); hair tjip - Exile
Pictures made at: Intro

Bye bye, Nic

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